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Meet The Founder

Andrew J. Mizzoni is no ordinary young man to say the least. Wise beyond his years, Andrew has achieved more than most strive to achieve in a lifetime.

His long list of achievements thus far includes being a childhood cancer survivor, raising over $400,000 for pediatric cancer research at the Hospital for Sick Children, becoming the Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year in 2005, being Today’s Parent magazine’s Our Heroes winners in 2006, and becoming one of the youngest real estate professionals ever, at the age of only eighteen.

At the age of 9, Andrew was diagnosed with orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. His initial protocol consisted of 9 months of chemotherapy and 5 months of radiation. Following a brief stint of remission, Andrew’s cancer relapsed. The protocol would now call for an additional 5 months of chemotherapy. After all this treatment and several failed biopsy attempts Andrew’s medical staff made the radical decision to try to remove the tumor. Removing the tumor also meant removing Andrew’s left eye. The surgery was performed by the world renowned Dr. Jeffrey J. Hurwitz, and it was a great success.

Following Andrew’s diagnosis, Andrew and the Mizzoni family decided to pool their efforts and give back to the hospital in any way they could. They created The Andrew Mizzoni Cancer Research Fund. Andrew’s fund has now raised over $400,000 to date through annual events and his name is displayed proudly on the donor wall at SickKids Hospital.

Andrew received much of his business savvy from Seneca College where he studied business administration and entrepreneurship. However a year and a half into the course, he felt unfulfilled. He decided he wanted to sell real estate, following in the footsteps of his uncle, Danny Mizzoni, a broker with HomeLife Metropark Realty and his great, great uncle, James Mizzoni, who was president of the Toronto Real Estate Board in 1976. The young Mizzoni got his real estate license at the age of 18.

Andrew quickly excelled in real estate to no surprise. In his first year, he climbed the ranks to become one of the most successful agents at his brokerage. As he became comfortable in the real estate industry he developed a passion for selling condominiums.“So far my real estate career has progressed down the road of condominium sales and I am regarded as a condo specialist with double digit condo deals in my first year worth over $3-mllion. This is something I love dealing with because I work with young people and investors who are as motivated as I am.”

But For Mizzoni, it’s all about raising money for the Andrew Mizzoni Cancer Research Fund for Rhabdomyoscarcoma. “A portion of every deal I do goes to Sick Kids” he says. “My priority is making money to give to the hospital.”

“There’s no limitation to what I can do. I have my past to thank for that. Whatever I want to do I can do, and will do on a worldwide scale.” (REM Magazine interview regarding his first year in real estate.)